Monday, June 7, 2010

Lie #8: I never act inappropriately when drinking....

Cheap girly wine was her drink of choice. Sometime vodka....always rum, but these days it was the sweet fizzy taste of Arbor Mist Blackberry Merlot that made her giggly and inhibited. Josie had not been much of a drinker in the last ten years since the birth of her first child, but had recently taken it back up when social occasions arose. At first it was a single glass of wine, sitting at the kitchen table with a girlfriend while discussing personal secrets and enlightening aspects of her life as she began one of many wonderful and close friendships. It was not that she had anything against drinking...infact in her wild youth she had spent many a night drinking cheap beer till dawn with her college friends. But experience had taught her that she was useless for many days post party if she partook of too much and experience had taught her that while it felt great at the time, she had a tendency to be too inhibited and too carefree when lubricated with liquer of any time.

Why did I do it? Maybe because I am newly single and haven't been laid in six months and am a ball full of hormones... can I blame it on the wine? The party atmosphere? The twenty-two year old boy that dared me to? It was just a kiss... simple, sweet, almost child-like... that is until his tongue darted into my mouth. It is hazy at best, but I did realize it was happening when it happened and enjoyed it the best I could in the moment. Yet the next morning I felt a weight of guilt I hadn't anticipated as I waited for a friend to come pick me up to go retrieve my car from the night before. Luckily I have great friends that made sure that I had a safe ride home in my exuberant condition....

Fact: I was separated from my husband...six months now with plans of divorce.
Fact: Its not like I had planned to kiss this boy... it just happened in the moment.
Fact: I am old enough to be this boy's mother had I gotten pregnant in high school.
Fact: I will have to see this boy every time I go to my best friend's house as he lives with her family in the summer when he is home from college.
Fact: I feel like a dork.
Fact: I know people are going to give me shit about it for years to come.
Fact: I'm ashamed that I acted like a silly 22 year old girl when I am almost 40.
Fact: For a moment I felt like a silly 22 year old girl.
Fact: I'm sure it won't be the last time I do something foolish...however, I will try and be more cautious of the embarrassing consequences next time...
Fact: I must not drink liquer and wine on the same night...I am not the party girl of my youth anymore.

*apologies to anyone I might know that is reading this and thinking, oh... this is to much information for me to know... this might be a good time to un-follow my blog... no hurt feeling here... I feel as if the truth of my life might be a bit rough from here on, thus the adult content warning... nothing smutty, well maybe a little... so beware... I warned you!


  1. We will give you shit for years to come! But, I would have done the same thing given the oppertunity. We will try to find you someone "more appopriate" to date and hopfully get laid too! Or just laid - who the hell cares!

  2. let it be known, Hoots agrees with MarthaStew; and we love you for it all. I think it was the party atmosphere that we were all swept up in!